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I am so proud of my Brian Greene book collection!

Suprisingly, I found Icarus At The Edge of Time, The Fabric of The Cosmos, and the hardcover version of The Elegant Universe at Goodwill and thrift shops, paying less than 5 dollars for all three combined..

Whereas buying The Hidden Reality and paperback The Elegant Universe at popular book stores cost around 25 dollars per book.

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A graphical representation of The #Lorentz #Transformation. A length-contraction formula straight out of #Special #Relativity.

It shows that as something approaches the #speed of #light, it’s length contracts proportionally to it’s velocity.

There is a limit at 186,000 mi/s, where velocity approaches c from the left, such that you can always get closer to c but will never quite get to velocity c. Hence, mass can never achieve the speed of light.

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A color-coded description of deriving the following function.

dy/dx [sin (x y)] = 7x + 5y

**disregard the 2 in front of sin (x y).**

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Yeah, the book may be old.

It may have been printed in 1962 (literally).

And the spine will crack if you open it too far.

But it is by far one of the best, most elegantly written, less than 120 page books you will find on Albert Einstein and his Theory of Special Relativity.

It’s been made accessible to the person who just wants to read words and not have to deal with 4 dimensions of abstractions and partially derived spacetime tensors.

Someone uninterested in reality abandoned it at goodwill - Less than 50 cents lol. What a GEM!

#theuniverse #relativity #specialrelativity #einstein #albert #book #science #physics #theoreticalphysics #theory

Philosophy goes where hard science can’t, or won’t. Philosophers have a license to speculate about everything from metaphysics to morality, and this means they can shed light on some of the basic questions of existence. The bad news? These are questions that may always lay just beyond the limits of our comprehension.

Here are eight mysteries of philosophy that we’ll probably never resolve.

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Get Acquainted with Mathematics   

Anyone who is interested in using a FREE My Math Lab need not worry that their subscription just ran out.

Click the link above - (

This is exactly the same thing as My Math Lab, Pearson makes this site. This has been the BIGGEST help overall for me in my learning the language of mathematics. More than any other site out there, yes even Khan Academy (I love Khan Academy). I still use Khan Academy though. Sal helps with the visual and InteractMath helps TREMENDOUSLY with the analytical approach.

Go there, pick a book in the drop down box, and start learning math. And yes, if you have any book in the selection, the problems and the chapters are 110% accurate.

Go learn some math!

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